Bridgeport’s mission is to help individuals, organizations, and communities become the best they can be. Our core values are generosity, curiosity, fun, excellence, and humility.

What we do

We partner with our clients to deliver:

Strategic planning

Charting a course to the preferred future: from a less-intensive “tune up” of an existing plan, to a full-service process reflective of the need for significant reconsideration of organizational direction.

Change management

Leveraging a practical, compassionate understanding of change theories to overcome resistance, identify the signal from the noise, and engage people productively at every step of the journey toward shared success.

Organizational assessment

Evaluating the performance of an organization or functional area in a transparent, collaborative manner in an effort to improve performance, prepare for planned leadership succession, or to respond to an unanticipated event or other imperatives.

Group facilitation

Preparing for and guiding meaningful discussion, skillfully supported with attentive listening and appropriate intervention. Surfacing sensitive issues in a respectful way that results in greater trust and transparency.

Public engagement

Gathering community-based feedback by asking relevant questions in an accessible way – and then making sense of the data using the lens of sound policy considerations.

Who we are

We are a small, powerful team.

We custom-tailor every project we deliver, bringing to bear our core values of Generosity, Curiosity, Fun, Excellence, and Humility to help our clients succeed.

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Who we help

"This was an extremely complex implementation. Bridgeport provided extraordinary consultation services and contributed greatly to our overall success."

− Thom Madden, Senior Project Director, University of Michigan Business and Finance

"Bridgeport was masterful in engaging partners in meaningful discussions."

− Ellen Rabinowitz, Public Health Officer and Director of the Washtenaw Health Plan

"Bridgeport immediately spoke our language and listened intently and equally to all points of view from a broad range of organizational levels. We were extremely pleased with our finished product."

− Amy Louise Liedel, Senior Director of Guest Operations, The Henry Ford