Origin and Evolution

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Kerry Sheldon entered the consulting profession in 2009 at the invitation of a beloved mentor, Francine Alexander.  Eighteen months later, Fran accepted an offer to become Assistant Provost at UM-Dearborn, and Kerry took a deep breath and registered Bridgeport Consulting, LLC.  Over the next three years, she both transitioned Fran’s legacy clients to Bridgeport, and expanded the practice on her own, articulating preferred disciplines and welcoming new clients from both within and beyond southeast Michigan.

In 2013, recognizing that client demand well exceeded her individual capacity to deliver, Kerry focused on building a team and shaping their talent, developing necessary infrastructure and systems, and continuing to expand Bridgeport’s client roster.

In 2016, Kerry experienced what her friends at ZingTrain call a Belated Glimpse of the Obvious, realizing that demand for good work will always exceed capacity, and the key to greatness lies not in saying yes to more work, but in having the courage and discipline to say no to work that is not perfectly (emphasis: perfectly) aligned with one’s core values and best skills.

That realization arrived in tandem with the unwelcome reality that the work of managing a growing business is distinct from – and, in truth, competes with – the work of engaging in the client practice. Absent distortion in the space-time continuum, the former will necessarily diminish the latter. The time had come for tzimtzum, or creation through contraction.

In September 2017, Kerry recalibrated Bridgeport: leaning the infrastructure, reducing the layers of management, and assembling a core confederacy of trusted colleagues who are both deeply steeped in Bridgeport’s values and highly skilled in our disciplines. A full profile of the new Bridgeport team will be posted to this page in spring 2018 – stay tuned for the big reveal.

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