A focused, useful, inspiring strategic plan is essential for any organization seeking to define and advance toward the preferred future. Bridgeport Consulting offers skilled capacity in designing and delivering strategic planning processes that range from a brief, less-intensive “tune-up” of an existing plan, to a full-service engagement structured to accommodate multiple data sources, broad stakeholder engagement, and/or significant reconsideration of organizational mission and direction.


Bridgeport helps people have the conversations they need to have. Effective meeting facilitation begins with rigorous advance preparation, continues with the development of a thoughtful structure that allows the discussion to unfold, and culminates in supporting participants with attentive listening and appropriate intervention in the moment. Surfacing sensitive issues and talking about them in a respectful and productive way is foundational for any high-performing group; the role of an external facilitator can be essential in establishing this norm.

Public Engagement

Bridgeport believes in democracy. Democracy works best when government and citizens are engaged in civil, productive discourse: welcoming dissent as an act of courage, and responding with uncompromising respect. Bridgeport works with principled civic leaders who are willing to act with integrity as they lead their communities into a more just, equitable, and prosperous future. Gathering community-based feedback by asking relevant questions in an accessible way – and then making sense of the data through a long-view policy lens – are some of Bridgeport Consulting’s most treasured competencies.

Individual Coaching

Long considered an indispensable element of any project, one-on-one coaching is now available as one of Bridgeport’s stand-alone practice disciplines. Clients are invited to connect with the ground truths of their professional lives, examine how these truths harmonize (and/or conflict) with their whole selves, and reflect on their desired growth trajectory. The most important tools of this discipline – which some clients appreciatively describe as “work therapy” – include fluency with key frameworks for deepening self-awareness; the perspective that comes from being in relationship with a diverse array of organizations; and the ability to translate strategic vision into a clear, actionable charge that can be communicated effectively to stakeholders. Those, plus kindness.

Change Leadership

Change is hard. Each of us has experienced this universal truth at some point.  Add the complexity that results from multiple people working together to co-create an organization’s future, along with a heavy dose of external uncertainty, and one quickly realizes that there is no such thing as “change management,” but rather only an invitation to lead. Embracing resistance as a necessary force for sharpening and strengthening, Bridgeport excels at discerning the signal from the noise while engaging people productively – with directness, humor, and humanity – at every step along the journey.

University of Michigan
The Jewish Education Project
The Henry Ford
Habitat for Humanity
Food Gatherers
The Covenant Foundation
Eastern Michigan University
City of Ann Arbor Michigan
Washtenaw Housing Alliance
The Hope Foundation
JCC Manhattan
Great Lakes Water Authority
Ann Arbor District Library
Van Boven
UJA Federation of New York