The mission of Bridgeport Consulting is to help individuals, organizations, and communities become the best they can be.

Big mission. Small firm. Each of these truths represents an intentional design decision. Our core values serve as interlocutor, determining whether to accept a project and infusing every moment thereafter.

Core Values


We offer our time, effort, and wisdom without hesitation. We are the first to volunteer for the most challenging part of whatever task is at hand. We assume positive intent, believing wholeheartedly that we get what we focus on. We always give the benefit of the doubt, doggedly interrogating all assumptions to the contrary. While the economics of a project must be fundamentally sound, we always prioritize relationship over financials.


We are fearless in our refusal to give in to what’s easy or convenient over what’s right and true. We are adherents of deep work, and insist on devoting the time and focus necessary to navigate with fidelity toward the truths that beg to be understood. That said, we are careful not to confuse rigor with rigidity. Rather, we set well-informed guardrails for the process and remain flexible and adaptive as the work unfolds. We deliver practical, useful, relevant results.


We are proud generalists. Seasoned with unusually broad professional experience across multiple sectors, Bridgeport consultants quickly gain functional fluency in just about any subject. We are poets and mathematicians, artists and athletes, project managers and scientists: driven to apply the sum of our selves toward the client’s ultimate benefit. We only accept projects that help us learn – alongside a client who is willing to do the same.


We believe in hiring for character and training for skill. We are far more interested in diversity of experience and perspective than we are impressed with prestige or pedigree. While thoroughly grounded in theory, we recognize that hands-on application usually matters more. We share credit lavishly, always directing the spotlight toward the client rather than ourselves. At Bridgeport, gratitude is more than a word; it’s a way of being in the world.


To Bridgeport, fun and challenging are synonymous; we are constitutionally discontent with coasting. We bring a sense of playfulness to our work, trailing joy and lightheartedness in our wake – while remaining in harmony with the gravity of the project. We believe in the generative power of humor, laughing frequently (though never at the expense of others). When a project stops being fun, we pause to examine why, giving ourselves and the client explicit permission to redefine the engagement.

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