Strategic planning

Strategic planning is crucial for any organization seeking to define and advance toward the preferred future. Bridgeport Consulting offers skilled capacity in designing and delivering strategic planning processes that range from a streamlined, less-intensive “tune-up” of an existing strategic plan, to a full-service process structured to accommodate multiple data sources, stakeholder engagement, and/or significant reconsideration of organizational mission and direction. Engagements of all sizes frequently involve a stakeholder retreat at a logical inflection point in the process.

Strategic Planning Illustration

Change Management

Change is hard. Each of us has experienced this universal truth at some point. Add the complexity that results from multiple people working together to co-create an organization’s future, along with a heavy dose of external uncertainty, and managing change can seem utterly… unmanageable. Bridgeport excels at synthesizing large amounts of data to identify the signal from the noise while engaging people productively – with directness, humor, and humanity – at every step along the journey toward your shared success.

Organizational assessment

An organizational assessment – whether at a holistic level, or focused on an individual department or functional area – can be the essential first step in designing the preferred future state for your organization. Some assessments are driven by the need to improve effectiveness or efficiency; others, to prepare for planned leadership succession, respond to an unanticipated event, or any number of imperatives. Regardless of the presenting issue, Bridgeport’s methodology balances rigor and transparency. The process is guided by Bridgeport and led by the organization’s own leadership, who also manage the implementation of any resulting changes. The key outcomes of an assessment include both a fundamental understanding of the current state and a suite of high-potential moves to consider.

Group facilitation

Effective meeting facilitation begins with rigorous advance preparation, continues with the development of a thoughtful structure that allows the discussion to unfold, and culminates in supporting participants with attentive listening and appropriate intervention in the moment. The ability to surface sensitive issues and talk about them in a respectful and productive way is critical for any group; in this way, the role of an outside facilitator can be indispensable. Bridgeport Consulting helps people have the conversations they need to have.

Public engagement

Bridgeport Consulting believes in democracy. Democracy works best when citizens are fully engaged. We gather community-based feedback by asking relevant questions in an accessible way – and then make sense of the data using the lens of sound policy considerations. From town halls to surveys, we will frame the conversation appropriately, engage the community in productive discourse, and maintain the necessary momentum to ensure success.